ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME is headed to Second Stage in NYC!!  Starts previews April 14th '17!

Wade won the 2016 Boston Norton Award for Best Actor for playing Shackleton!                                                          


Wade as Sidney Carton on THE KNICK (Cinemax/HBO)

"McCollum is a force of nature from wall-shredding entrance to heart-searing apotheosis. Blessed with hydraulic chops and a Slinky's dexterity, McCollum is hilarious, spontaneous, complex, dangerous."- LA TIMES

"McCollum balances just the right amount of braggadocio with stalwart optimism. He also has a glorious singing voice, shifting easily from a rich baritone to a solid falsetto with ease, and adding the needed tenderness to a ballad he sings to Kat’s baby boy. McCollum also has a wonderful sense of comic timing, turning what could have been a stiff, cardboard character into one with charm and heart. " - Boston Globe

"McCollum's confident, well attuned performance...gleams with valiant good cheer." -New York Times