SO many exciting things to share!  Co-writing a new album with the INCREDIBLE Van Wild in Nashville! New musicals abound! Fall is here (my fave season)... WMM

ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME won BEST NEW MUSICAL at the Off Broadway Alliance Awards!!!

Wade won the 2016 Boston Norton Award for Best Actor for playing Shackleton!

Here are some things critics in NYC are saying about Wade's performance:

"McCollum is a hearthrob." New York Times

"McCollum's confident, well attuned performance...gleams with valiant good cheer." -New York Times

"I was bowled over by the bearded McCollum, a tall, athletic, deep-voiced actor, who not only sings extremely well but displays chameleonic virtuosity in multiple roles and charismatic chops that allow him to be commandingly heroic at one moment and broadly or wryly comic at another. McCollum is one of the most refreshing presences on the current New York stage" The Broadway Blog

 "Wade McCollum is a hilarious, as he plays multiple roles. Vocally and musically, he masters the numbers...As Shackleton, Mr. McCollum is a superbly confident Dudley Do-Right who captures the audience, as they stand to their feet at the end of this thrilling new entree into the 2017 season." -Times Square Chronicles

 "McCollum cuts a humorous figure, or actually several, since he plays multiple roles, he is particularly dynamic as Shackleton. McCollum's broad comic and often gut-busting performance gets a laugh every time he says his name. He even manages to sell some of DiPietro’s deliberately anachronistic jokes." The Wrap

 "Wade McCollum, with a twinkle and grin, blessed with a rich voice and good acting chops, should go on to be theater’s next new leading man." Theatre Pizzazz

 "What sells it is the unrelenting charisma of McCollum. he switches easily and seamlessly between several characters and enlivens each one, even those that are essentially one-liners. He knows how to time a joke for maximum response, and his ability to work the crowd is noteworthy. He quite literally has the audience eating right out of his hands." Curtain Up

 "Super-talented Wade McCollum seems to be channeling Will Ferrell." Citi Tour NY



Wade as Sidney Carton on THE KNICK (Cinemax/HBO)

"McCollum is a force of nature from wall-shredding entrance to heart-searing apotheosis. Blessed with hydraulic chops and a Slinky's dexterity, McCollum is hilarious, spontaneous, complex, dangerous."- LA TIMES

"McCollum balances just the right amount of braggadocio with stalwart optimism. He also has a glorious singing voice, shifting easily from a rich baritone to a solid falsetto with ease, and adding the needed tenderness to a ballad he sings to Kat’s baby boy. McCollum also has a wonderful sense of comic timing, turning what could have been a stiff, cardboard character into one with charm and heart. " - Boston Globe

"McCollum's confident, well attuned performance...gleams with valiant good cheer." -New York Times