“One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of the evening was Wade McCollum’s performance as Henry Higgins. Typically presented as dry, aloof, and bombastic, McCollum's Higgins has a far more youthful presence, a joie de vivre, almost playboy-like quality. McCollum's Henry is charming, dashing, and downright likable when he isn't being a rather self-absorbed, pompous intellectual.” ”

— Broadway World

“All emanates from Wade McCollum...he is an astonishing force of nature from wall-shredding entrance to heart-searing apotheosis… McCollum is hilarious, spontaneous, complex, dangerous…” ”

— Los Angeles Times

“McCollum offers a stunning star turn as life-challenged Hedwig, seamlessly fusing his well-honed talents as a singer, dancer, and actor into a raging specter of angst and sorrow.” ”

— Variety

"McCollum, an unstoppably talented performer who always amazes, is terrific not only as the determinedly dashing title character but as the other men in Kat's life."”

— -talkin'braodway

Ernest Shackleton loves me,” and quite honestly, I kind of love him too, at least the hunky, virile portrayal of him by Wade McCollum. ..brilliant performance of McCollum as Shackleton. He was a very versatile actor, not only in his role as the lead character, but also when he played the role of Ponce de Leon as well, which was even more brilliant. McCollum was nothing short of brillant!"”

— -seattlestagereview.com

"Easy on the eyes and ears, McCollum is deliciously attractive as the Scots-Irishman Shackleton. He is especially terrific singing "The Eye of the Storm,". ”

— -njartsmaven.com

"McCollum nails each role making you think there is more than one man in the show. The musicianship of Vigoda and McCollum are outstanding. McCollum displays his excellent vocal ability and has a real talent for the banjo." ”

— broadwayworld.com

"McCollum has already used his smile and boyish looks to dazzle... he is more than a force, he’s an irrepressible vessel of cheer. Wade McCollum is amazing as he goes through several parts as the men in Kat’s life. The actor is a master of expression. He can twitch his lip in a fetching, come hither way, smile with conviction he is the handsomest, most virile beast extant, dance with aplomb, and play the banjo delightfully." ”

— nealspaper.com

"impossibly handsome Wade McCollum. The range of McCollum’s powerful voice is astounding, bass through falsetto—and also in character, accent, and style. He deftly performs each of the men in Kat’s life, real or imagined." ”

— outinjersey.net

"Mr. McCollum, too, has easy command of pop and folk genres. He’s also adept at shifting back and forth among several characters, supremely talented." ”

— centraljersey.com